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Breatheable pets that are Fusable
Animal Name Location Found Breathe Type Area Attack
A Hydradon Aragon Barony Fire
A dark beholder Orgrin Wyld Poison (Best for PVP) X
a giant earthworm Isle of the Dead Acid
A Eel Sea Serpent Carcas Lightning
A small Creature Conjurer's Tower Ice X

Animal Name Location Found
Start with Any Breather and make sure it stays the first animal.
an owl Kingdom of Mirarand
a prickly briar bush Old Public Library
A grizzly bear Kingdom of Mirarand
a cricket Temple of Night
a teramedrium Land of Zym
A small dragon Tikol
A ram Weaverton
a sheep dog Weaverton
a dragonfly Weaverton
a cricket Weaverton
A boa constrictor Temple of Light
A monkey Temple of Light
A butterfly Temple of Light
A wolf Temple of Light
A toucan Temple of Light
a wyvern The Wilderness
a gryphon The Wilderness
A Cheetah Tikol Do this last one about 5-6 times for life
Lodrix Aragon Barony Animal Handle the Beast